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Boat for the Kenai at the Boat show

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  • Boat for the Kenai at the Boat show

    Dewey's is selling what looks like a nice flat bottom boat (17 foot I think) with a Yamaha pull start 40 hp 4 stroke package including a trailer for just under 10k. I am sure the motor can be detuned so that isnt an issue.
    I been kicking around the idea of getting a boat only for use on the Kenai. Are these motors easy to pull start? Thoughts are appreciated as to likes and dislikes.
    I did look at there new Cuddy, nice boat but the pricing is nuts. They want 10K more than I paid for my SeaSport last year.

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    Might want to invest in power tilt and trim for the Kenai- I've heard that the the pull start Yamaha 4st. 40s can tire a guy out pretty good and a lot of people with those models have put in electric start. I was looking at one of those engines and that was what the dealer told me so take it for what it is.


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