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A Walleye Boat in Alaska?

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  • A Walleye Boat in Alaska?

    I will be moving to Homer this winter from North Dakota. I have a 2003 Alumacraft Tournament Sport 185 with a 150 HP four stroke Yamaha. It is a dual console boat that is 19' long. I was curious if it was worth my time to take it all the way up north? I have been getting mixed reviews on if it would work in the bay outside of Homer. Some say bring it, others say sell it. I am not even sure if there are other options for that boat (i.e., rivers, lakes)? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    My opinion is that your boat is better suited for the lakes. I would say for the most part people on the pennisula enjoy the rivers or the saltwater and spend less time in the lakes. I have to assume you are running a prop and therefor it would not be wise to run the rivers here. Alot of the rivers in AK are shallow enough that most people run jets aside from a short stretch of the Kenia in which your boat has to much horsepower and would be illegal to use there. You for sure could use it out in the bay but beware it can get rough out there and you would be wise to listen to the marine weather reports/forecast before you go. There are riveted boats here but most people prefer to have all welded hulls. I am not sure that your boat would be worth what you would want or as easy to sell in AK if you decided to get a different boat once your here. Bassboats have no place here but yours is slightly different and therefore would be questionable imo. If you decided to keep it I would suggest a soft top w/sides for the crappy days.


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      Homer - saltwater

      If you're living in Homer you are probably going to want to boat in saltwater. Lower Cook Inlet can get nasty. It's great to say "listen to the weather" but in my experience, they are just guessing at it over 1/2 the time. If you spend much time on the water you will eventually get caught out in rough water.

      All that said, I've seen every imaginable boat in every imaginable place. Although, I question the intelligence of the operator in some cases. I think it boils down to your comfort and risk level. Personally, I'd sell your boat down there, go out on charters or with friends up here to see what you like first.


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        Sounds like a nice wally boat, but..

        Know how you feel, I moved up here from SoDak in 98'. My two cents worth, I'd go ahead and sell it. You could certainly use it up here in the saltwater and the lakes, rivers no way, it's not like runnin the missouri. Lake fishing up here is "ok" on places you can actually use a boat, I'm in the interior and have only fished the lakes on the peninsula a couple times though so you guys down south don't jump all over me, maybe I missed a couple... For the salt, again, I think you could use it, it just wouldn't necessarily be ideal. You won't need that bow mount electric or even livewells, what would be better is a self-bailing front end and fishbox/storage. Being an 03, I'm sure you have a top for yours but when it's up probably doesn't leave you a whole lot of fishing room in the back, lot of the boats up here have the seating pushed forward with smaller bows so you can fish more out the back. Lastly, like one of the other guys said, if you bring it up and decide you want to change I think you'd take a good hit being nobody uses them up here, I'd sell it in your market where it's a great boat and have fun looking for my new one up here! Either way, you're gonna have some fun! Luck.
        former dakota kid lake oahe/missouri river walleye buster!


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          You should sell it. Too small, too much time and $ money to get it here.


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            Sell it- There are two areas to boat in Homer- Salt water, and on the Kenai- Your boat is suited for neither-

            Good luck
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