New Stab-Craft 759 out for sea trials



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  • New Stab-Craft 759 out for sea trials

    Boat was done the end of Sept of "08" but I just left it on the lot till now due to the lateness of the season.

    Everything performed flawlessly, the boat handles very well and is very stable. Travis from Ron's Honda went to Seward with me for the maiden voyage. He wants to change the prop to a different pitch to improve performance some, but that was the only issue.

    Twin 150 horse counter rotating Honda's
    Currently 17" pitch
    WOT....45 MPH...6000 RPM
    Cruise.....28 MPH....4000 RPM
    9.4 GPH @ cruise

    Expectations with 19" pitch...
    WOT...50 MPH....4800-4900 RPM
    Cruise...30 MPH...3900 RPM
    Hopefully 8 GPH or better at cruise speed

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    What a sweet rig! Congrats on your maiden voyage. Did you run into any chops out there? How did it handle the seas? Last Saturday, the Chiswells were rough and my Stabi did very well in the big stuff. (Occasional 15 footer with chops) Where will you be launching mostly? It would be cool to see the boat in person.



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      Only about a 2 to 3 foot chop on that run, but the rough stuff will come soon enough. The boat is and will be stored at "Storm Chasers" in Seward, and for this summer at least, I will be launching out of Seward. I like the amenities that Seward has to offer much better than Whittier, and Homer is too far.


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        that is one super nice boat....


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          I guess you mean 8 gal per hr per side at cruise total of 16???? Not to be a nay sayer, but unfortunately it will be highly unlikely to get 3 miles per gallon with twin outboards. Nice looking boat and congratulations.


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            Originally posted by six View Post
            I guess you mean 8 gal per hr per side at cruise total of 16???? Not to be a nay sayer, but unfortunately it will be highly unlikely to get 3 miles per gallon with twin outboards. Nice looking boat and congratulations.
            According to my gauges, which are Honda gauges, look here at top two gauges.....


            I have two tachs, one for each engine, and one speedo and fuel management gauge, which includes totalizer for running twins, the numbers stated above are true (according to gauges) for both engines running together. :mad:

            It was promised to me a year ago when I was "shopping" that this set up would get at least a 300 mile range with the supplied 100 gallon fuel tank. We have already exceeded that and hopefully will get it up to a 400 mile range at 4 MPG, or 8 GPH @ 30 MPH with a prop change...and yes that includes both engines running in tandem! Believe it or not......that's what the gauges are telling me, and that is what was assured to me by the dealer a year ago.


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              Nice boat, just for information I have the same engines on my 28 ft. Kingfisher and if I behave my self I see between 8 and 10 gallons per hour. I also have the digital fuel speedo combo and I have also verified this by how much fuel burned over a specific amount of time.



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                Sockeye Salm, I have twin Honda 150's on my catamaran. I have the same digital gauges from Honda that you are running. These gauges do take their fuel consumption info directly from the ECM, so they "should" be more accurate that the inline fuel flow meters. You are correct in stating that you can toggle between port, starboard, or both engines combined when reading fuel consumption.

                My boat doesn't have many hours on it yet, but I am pretty impressed with the Honda set-up. They run smooth, quiet and pretty economically. I am not seeing numbers as good as yours, but do believe the numbers you are post are accurate.

                Here is what I noted from a trip in August, just after my 20 hour engine break-in. We were fully loaded with fuel, water and all fishing I am an avid over-packer !! Keep in mind my boat is a displacement hull catamaran, where yours is a plaining hull. I was running about 4600RPM, 28MPH, 13.8 gph, 2.0 mpg, on both outboards combined. My numbers are right in line with a chart I copied from (I think that is where).

                I did notice the more my engines break in, and the more familiar I get with my boat, the better the numbers get. I was told I should get in the 8 or 9 gph range, but I doubt that I will get that low. Perhaps with a pitch change I could.

                Hope this help you put your numbers in comparison. Great looking boat !!! Hope to see you out there one day!!

                2007 Glacier Bay Cat 2690 Coastal Runner, Twin Honda 150's


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                  Oh Wow, gorgeous boat!


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                    Thanks guys for the compliments and particularly for backing up my numbers. I've been running skifts all my life right up to 20' Seine skifts, but I have zero experience with running twin outboards. I was pretty confident with my numbers but Six made me nervous. I guess maybe he was just jealous. I'll post efficiency results of my new props when they are installed. See you out there.


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