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  • motor flusher question

    I bought a new boat on Easter and it came with a motor flusher. Kind of rabbit ears looking thing and was wondering what I do with it? I assume you put it on the lower part of motor hook up hose turn on water then start engine? Do you put it in gear leave it it neutral? I'm just dying to do something I washed the **** thing inside and out two days ago. I want to start it up any info would be appreciated.

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    Yes you would put it on the lower unit of engine down by the prop you will see the holes it needs to cover, turn the hose on and start her up, be little loud, You could ck the gears fwd/ rev.But it is more for flushing than running normal rpms, so i would be easy on it, more around neutral.
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      Put it around the intake holes on the lower unit, put a plug in the bottom of the lower unit (little hole pointing straight down). Turn the hose on, water will spray out, make sure it doesn't slip off, turn on the motor like normal (keep in neutral) water should come out like a piss stream if she's flowing correctly from upper. Listen to engine, close your eyes, pretend your at the dock.


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