Seward is still out for me!



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  • Seward is still out for me!

    With the Whittier tunnel closed and the Seward Hwy. closing for the weekend, I figured I would go out early Fri. before the 10:00 P.M. closure and just stay out till Mon. and come home on the 5:00 A.M. opening of the Hwy. Have any of you guys thought about this? The only real problem I see with this is mother nature. The National weather service site shows a forcast of 20-25 knot winds and 9-10 ft seas thruogh Sunday in the NGC. This isn't weather I want to go shrimping in. How 'bout you?

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    Lucky for me I am to busy to go and the boat isn't ready, or I would be going nuts! I am thinking Homer is looking like the first outting. With all the closed roads this year might as well get some clams and halibut for the first round.


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