Whittier Tunnel Closed another Month



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  • Whittier Tunnel Closed another Month

    The DOT gave us a schedule at about 5pm Monday and promptly took it of the table by 8:30am tue. 4/21/09.:mad:......... AK NIMROD do you know anything after your quick response with a schedule yesterday, you must know someone at the DOT. Those of us that live in Whittier are having to spend a night in Anchorage, we can not even get in and out on the same day like you on the other side can. To bad the railroad can not get an emergency permit from the Feds so we could put our vehicles on the train again. Do you know anyone with the rail road. It seems like your someone with some pull with all the Military and Organizations you belong to.

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    Govenor Palin

    I for one just emailed Sarah Palin, requesting the railroad apply for an emergency permint to allow vehicles on the train like it used to. Whittier will have economic troubles without some help, as well as all my fishing buddies not being able to get here.


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      Here is one of the links I found, although it has not been updated for a few days.


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