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  • oil for 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke

    I'm real curious if I have to run Yamalube products in my Yamaha outboard. Do any of you know if it's okay to run regular old 10w30 in it? How about filters? Can I use a Fram or a comparable one in it rather than a Yamaha filter? Thanks.

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    Sure it is fine, and...

    OK with your warranty to run other than original brand oil and filters. The brands like Yamaha and Honda do have good oils, but most major brands of oil are fine. It's hard to get the OE oil some places. Find an brand that is available, like Chevron, it's everywhere, and stick with one brand of oil. Filters vary, and I think the Honda filters are superior, but heck we drive a car 3-5 thousand miles on one, but change our outboard filters way more often. Again, find a filter brand that is available. Your warranty will not be voided by using other brands of oil and filters.

    There are people that swear by Valvoline, Chevron, Pennzoil etc. Personally, I favor Castrol. I've put over a million miles on Honda cars with Castrol GTX oil, and never had any oil related wear, breakdown or anything else. Yet some people will say it or other brands of oil break down etc. etc. There is a lot of hype and strong opinions on oils!


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      stick w/ yamaha

      I tried to save a buck last year on my F100

      oem matching castrol oil... result oil foaming

      FRAM oil filter... result intermittent oil press alarm, appearently this is quite common according to iboats.com

      this year I'm sticking w/ Yamaha oil and filter & won't have to bother w/ the panic of alarms 20 miles out from the boat launch and won't have to change over to Yami products a couple weeks into the season (like last year)

      Good luck!


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        I never had any problems with my 50 hp Honda running Chevron and other brands.


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          My F150

          My F150 Yamaha likes Penzoil and Fram filters, I have 1020 hours on it and no problems.


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            FCW rating

            Whatever oil you choose, make sure it has the FCW rating (Four Cycle Water Cooled). This is the rating for oils designed to be run in outboards. There are additives in these formulations to deal with the type of shear that the wear parts in vertically arranged cylinders (outboards as opposed to cars), higher longterm RPM's (cars don't run at 4500rpm continuously), and to hold water and saltwater in suspension to keep it from pooling and rutsting or corroding your engine. There are aftermarket oils that meet this spec, or any brand of outboard oil will usually meet it. I'm not going to hype any brand of oil over another, just make sure your oil is designed for an outboard, its just not the same environment as a car engine.
            Yamaha Dealer
            Petersburg, AK


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              Remember, Mother nature has no forgiveness for stupidity.
              If you don't care where you are, your not lost


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                Do you really think Yamaha makes their own oil? They find one that meets their specs and slap Yamaha on it. I just make sure I change my oil and filter at 100 hours or less, the same with the lower unit.


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