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    I am 6'4" and am noticing that some of the boats that I am interested in have ceiling heights of 6'3". Or some maybe less. Is this a big deal for any of you tall guys out there? Is it something you should consider as a possible deal breaker? Are there any boats known for there higher ceilings? Or does it become second nature to keep your noggin from banging on the ceiling? Thanks.

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    You could always go custom. I have the same issue. I am 6'6" and I am the shortest of the guys in my family. The cabin in my boat goes from 6'10" in the aft cabin to 6'7" all the way up front.
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      I want to get a decent used boat to get an idea what the whole business is all about, and to see what I like and don't like. And would like to have in a custom boat if I went in that direction one day. I guess in the mean time I will duck.


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        Hate tilting the noggin

        I'm 6'4" and our Wooldridge Deep Water Plus does the trick for me. They call it a the Pilothouse now. Been in a few of them, too and I can stand straight. I'm with ya on this, having enough head room was a deal breaker for me considering the coin involved for getting a boat. Good luck.


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          Not only did I want the headroom for the tall folks but I wanted overhead storage - Custom hard top added with those specifications - Now that I don't have the hunching syndrome I would never want to go back.

          What type of boat are you looking at?


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