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    I have a yamaha 25hp 4 stroke 2004 . Do I change the oil filter every time i change the oil? Is it ok to switch oil brands some times if you can't find the same as the last one? Thanks....D

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    All dino oils are about the same. Yamalube is not one of the best. I would reccomend switching to a synthitic oil like Mobil 1 for the superior lubrication.

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      Do not use a standard motor oil in marine engines. They do not contain the appropriate anti corrision additives for use in the marine enviroment.


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        Recommend changing filter too, good preventive maintenance.
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          If it were mine I would run the The right stuff! I know I,m not happy about paying them for the oil, or the filter, But You know You spend Thousands on a motor, What the heck is another 20-30 bucks on the oil and filter it calls for. You can do it!! You Will sleep better knowing that you did all you can do. And If that Motor ever does come apart, Guess what the first thing they are going to ask you!
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