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  • Anyone with a 1925 Jetcraft/harbercraft

    I am looking at buying a 1925 harbercraft Adventurer and powering it with a 50 honda. I would like to hear from anyone that has been in or owns one and what they think of it. Thanks Ryan

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    I just sold my 1825 Kokanne Jetcraft. Boat weighed 975 pounds dry. I first had a Honda 50 because I wanted to fish the Kenia and I had detune kit that took 5 minutes to install. I also used the boat in the ocean. 50 hp was marginal. I had the crap scare me with some 5-6 foot following seas that I got stuck in. Also battled a riptide that I could not move forward in, I had to go sideways which took forever and just a little hairy to say the least. I quickly repowered to a 90 hp and it was a perfect combination. Using the 50 in the Big Su with a transome lift was also marginal going up stream. On a lake with no wind, WOT was 24 MPH. Hope that helps you.



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      hey there Mr. Ryan - - good to see you out in cyberspace...

      You are shooting for around 25mph - should be okay for what you are planning on doing with it. You can't have everything in one boat....I bet that you are itching to put her in the drink!

      When you win the lotto get a 150 horse 4 stroke for the sound.....that'd get you out and back quick!


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        I would not do anything less than 75hp for that boat. That is, if you plan on putting in saltwater. You need enough power to push over steep water, otherwise your at the mercy of mother nature. Sometimes, she doesn't play nice.
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          1925 jetcraft/harborcraft

          I call B.S.
          They didn't even make jet boats until like the 50's or something.
          Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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            I have a 1925 Kingfisher... basically the same boat, I would not go smaller than the 90 horse. I think a 50 is too small. You might be able to get her up on step, but you will struggle with any load so taking more than one or two friends will be a chore. With 4 guys in my boat I notice a big difference and I have a 90 horse. The 90 gets the job done and gets great mpgs, but if you can get a 115 or bigger.


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