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Shipping a boat to Kodiak

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  • Shipping a boat to Kodiak

    Wondering what experience you guys have in shipping boats up from the lower 48. I have an opportunity to get a nice used 21' ALMAR from down there, but I'm having a tough time finding a way to get the boat here without spending $4k-$5k in shipping costs.

    I haven't checked on getting it trucked up here yet, but I'd be surprised if that was cheaper. How do the boat dealers in Anchorage get their boats delivered without spending a bunch? Any suggestions for me to look at?

    I don't have the time to drive down and get it.


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    I had mine shipped up last year in January. It came from the Seattle area, and cost me about $5300 shipped on TOTE. They were the best price, with the best service and enough insurance to cover my boat. I was pleased with the service I received from them.

    I don't think you'll find it for under $5K, but that all depends on the fuel costs at the time of shipping.

    Also, do a search for this topic, it has been brought up before with lots of good info.

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      Worth a look...


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        Thanks guys, I'll check out the link and try searching again. I tried searching using a variety of phrases and tried to limit the search too, but I kept getting far too many hits on threads that didn't help. I consider myself a pretty savy computer user, but I've never gotten effective results searching here.


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          I recently shipped a 21 foot Bayliner from Tacoma to Anchorage--also used TOTE and paid $3700. Even with shipping beat the price of what I could find the boat for up here. I think the dealers do pay a lot for shipping and just build it into te price when compared with what the same boat goes for in Seattle or Portland.


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            I shipped a 26 footer on the Alaska Marine Highway for about $3,500 last December from Seattle to Whittier. Had to have someone do a boat transfer for me in Juneau (added about $160). Overall, absolutely no problems and would do it again in a heartbeat. Only real issue is availability on the ferry.

            There are some great deals on boats in the lower 48.


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              Check into the Ferry. I know a guy that just did this in Kodiak that bought a new Seawolf and this was his choice. There are towing companies in each port that will transfer your boat for you, the one in Bellingham charges $40 per hour for their time which I thought was reasonable. Call the Alaska ferry people and they can give you a quote, as well as contact information for the towing companies in each port. The downside is that I think the Juneau to Whittier leg is only done once per month, so you may have to wait for the schedule.

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                Just an update on my shipping, they do charge you by overall width, length and height. Mine was 35' overall (including trailer) and a bit over 12' height. With it being a catamaran, it takes up more space on the barge than most v-hulls of the same length. That is why mine cost more than most other posts, which I didn't consider when I said you probably won't find it for under $5K.

                I did also save many thousands on buying my boat outside than up here. I like to do as much business with local vendors as I can, but when you can buy it outside for a whole lot is a no brainer.

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                  So far Northland Service has the best rate into Anchorage, just under $3500. I could also get it into Seward on Samson T&B for about the same amount. I'm still waiting for a couple quotes. One is from American Fast Freight, which is used by one of the Anchorage boat dealers, and I also posted a bid request on I left a msg with the Alaskan Railroad freight division too, but didn't get a call back yet.

                  Haven't priced out the AKMS jig.....did this once when I was pricing a new car for the wife. It was going to take some coordination, and as summer draws nearer, finding space on all legs consecutively will become harder and harder.

                  I'll post my findings (and continue to welcome other ideas) to summarize for other's use.


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