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  • Where to get minor repairs

    My 22-ft. Hewescraft has a few scratches and the canopy has some broken snaps. Nothing that will keep me off the water, but those broken snaps are an annoyance. Is there anyone in southcentral that does these types of repairs?

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    Silver Streak down by west marine in Anchorage does repairs on boat tops. From talking to them there isn't a lot they can't do to boat tops.
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      Why donít you take the boat to an upholstery shop and then take it to a boat shop for the scratches. It would be a lot cheaper and the boat shops are really busses this time of the year.


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        I know a great boat top shop in Homer. They do great work


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          fix the snaps yourself

          I would buy the snaps & a little snap kit from West Marine and do it yourself ! Not that hard, cheaper, and don't have to drag your boat over to the shop and then back home again......

          Need either a pop rivit gun with the right head to fit inside a male snap mounted on the boat, or replace boat mounted male snaps with screw in type....

          Canopy snaps can be done with the dinky little tool you smack with a hammer......don't even need a rivit gun for the canopy mounted snaps


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            Jim's upholstery

            Jim's upholstery in Wasilla. He's down the hill behind the artic cat dealer. He does this sort of stuff all the time, you won't be dissapointed and he's local.
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              sound rat

              For work in the Valley you might try Mark Johnson at Howling Storm. I believe he has a large enough shop that you can pull the boat into so work can be done with the top on the boat.


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                Going to have to agree with titobandito, go get you a rivet gun, a buffer, and get out there and get her done! Easy fixes!


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                  Thanks guys. I do like the idea of trying to do it myself, I may try that first.


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