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  • Inboard/Outboard Conversion

    Has anyone converted their Ocean boat from a I/O to an outboard motor? I'm looking to bolt on a 200 Suzuki on a 24 Bayliner Trophy. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like a good winter project to me. Put the boat in the garrage and begin. Yes it's doable but not an overnight job.


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      I have a 20' bayliner trophy that is converted from I/O to outboard. It has a 140 hp suzuki on it. Works great and will open up alot of deck space once you remove the doghouse. If you want I will try to take some pics of it by the weekend and email them to you.


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        Search the forum on the topic, there has been info on the subject.


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          Armstrong Marine bracket, or Stainless Marine bracket.

          Will have to reglass and cover I/O cutout. Will have to run new throttle and steering cables and shift controls.

          Are you doing this to save money or be more efficient?

          I am in between repowering my old I/O as well, but changing over to be more fuel efficient (and to ultimately save money) you are best dropping in a rewpower cost wise.

          But for sure winterizing and a whole other slew of reasons outboards are the way to go.

          Good Luck... Sobie2


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            I'm thinking this will save a ton on annual maintenance and fuel. You can buy a bold on 200 Suzuki 4 stroke 2009 for $10,000- with a 6 year warranty. That is 10 times better than any inboard in my experience. I've had the worst luck with them. They are always braking no matter how much maintenance you put in them.


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