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  • Aluminum repair

    Got several cracks in the hull of my boat to the point where the bilge pump runs nonstop, wondering if it is possible to repair it by myself (JB Weld?), or have to take it to the shop... What does it usually cost to do hull work in the shop? Boat is cheap so not sure if it's worth it.

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    I don't think it would be worth your time or effort to use anything that you can apply to fix the problem. My suggestion is to have it welded. If you don't have real large cracks it won't take long for a good welder to fix. I don't know where you live but I would think you could get it fixed for around $60 an hour and they can tell you how long it may take. Chances are they'll get ya for an hour.


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      clean it

      an hour or two with a mig or tig and you should be good to go. make sure it's really clean. hand wire brush or wire wheel on your grinder works fine. good luck--


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        Boat builder

        I would take it to a good boat builder who can inspect it. The big questions is: Why is it cracking?. Are they stress cracks, poor grade of aluminum or what? You did not say how thick the metal is either. Certain thicknesses are better MIG'd and others TIG'd. You can TIG two beer can together with the right tungsten and heat. A boat builder might have a better idea what the alloy is too. The alloy will determine the best filler metal to use although some filler rods will do OK with several alloys.

        If you use JB Weld, then try to weld it later on then all of the JB will have to be removed.

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          Thanks for the advice everyone. The reason for craking is simple - stupidity - ran it on the gravel bar on big su once and other time left it on the gravel beach out of whittier when the tide was going out, ended up dragging it back to the water, which was a story in itself. You live you learn... Not sure of the thickness, I guess I could measure it. It's a 1990 SeaRunner. I'm in anchorage.


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            Greatland Welding

            in Wasilla. He (Gary) did a few (8 or 9) small cracks on my riverboat this summer and charged me $72. Got me in the next day even. My cracks were from bouncing down the road to the Little Su all summer. The gussets around the transom cracked from the motor weight and the console had some corners crack from the vibration as well. He worked my father in law's boat over too after we developed a stress crack in some nasty weather out of Valdez this spring. Took the floorboards up and welded it from both sides and inspected the other welds in the area too. Gary is a great guy and insists on thorough inspection and quality work.

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