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  • Master of Metal Passes On!

    Yep that's right i've passed alright, but cheer up your gonna like this.

    I have had numerous inquries from folks wanting me to make them a davit like the one seen briefly here a while back, remember the gucci E-dyne puller and davit? Well, even after telling them no as politely as I can they still keep coming so this got me to thinking. What ive passed on is the entire construction C.D to the guys at Greatland Welding. We spent quite a bit of time today going over the disc and sharing ideas on the subject. Long story short, if you need a davit to stand alone or use with one of Steves hot selling E-dyne pullers you can now talk to someone who is interested in your project and I can get back to playing with them grandkids!:rolleyes: Thanks, Mike

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    OK,OK, soon enough everybody will leave you alone. If you didn't do such a good job, nobody would care. Although I never bothered you to make one for me, could I bother you to post more pics of it. I am looking for ideas for my SS Pilothouse. I cant wait to use the ED. Thanks for your time and post.


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