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Garmin Oregon 400c ?

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  • Garmin Oregon 400c ?

    Thinking of purchasing (actually it will be a present for me from my wife & son) a Garmin Oregon 400c Marine GPS with BlueChart g2 Coastal Charts as a backup to my Furuno 1750DF with the add'l purchase of the specific location card for Wrangell/POW Lots of nice features, easy to use, but what I believe to be terribly expensive.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this Garmin unit?

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    I have the Colorado 400c and love it, the pre-loaded charts are the same as the Oregon 400-look a lot like standard blue chart. With the Oregon and Colorado you can load regional G2 bluecharts but at about $350 a pop; no other handheld can do this that Im aware of.
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      I also have the Colorado 400C, which is a very fine GPS unit. Keep in mind that the Oregon is a touch screen unit that is not sensitive enough to pick up your movements if you are wearing gloves. This was the single reason that I went with the Colorado, and I haven't regreted it a bit. The Colorado's single wheel scroller is actually quite intuitive and easy to use. Let me know if you have any specific questions regarding these units.


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        Good unit

        I have the Oregon 400c. I have taken it on half a dozen goat hunting trips in December and November. I have taken it on a 10 day winter moose hunt in Feb. I have had it on the boat a dozen times fishing.
        I really like the unit. Gloves or no gloves it works great and I have placed a screen saver on mine. There are some things that I find stupid, like having to change screens to mark a waypoint. I can do it fast now and I am used to it.
        PM rimfirematt (I think it was him) and ask him about his Oregon 400t. He added the bluecharts and stated in a post that he had fisheye view, which I don't seem to, which would be nice. I bought an 8G card for mine and added topo and road maps in different groups. I can disable the topo when on the water or disable the bluechart when in the hills. That way I know the correct map is "on top".
        They are spendy, but I am glad I bit the bullet. I had a thread running in the gear section that you could probably find.
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        Love life and live it


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          thanks to everyone for the responses, all of which are favorable. Seems to be a pretty amazing machine, with a large screen in a small housing, a light weight to boot. I am going to try to find a local store that can demonstrate it, and I'll pull my son along with me who is "electronically gifted", if you follow my drift.


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            my Oregon 400t has the g2 chip and I have mariners eye 3-d but not fish eye
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              It might have been the mariners view he was talking about.
              I don't seem to have either one. Which is strange since the 400c is the marine model.

              I would want to see what those views look like before I bought one. Might be better to get the t model and buy the G2 chip if it gives you a better bottom view.

              The 3D view seems like doody on mine while in topo. I can't even tell where I am with it. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?
              Live life and love it
              Love life and live it


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                Well Its been a few months since I have even looked at my GPS, but I dont recall wich view your talking about. I can look up the tides on my unit. I have 3-D view but that is about the only view that comes to mind. I'll take it back out and play with it some and see what pops into mind.


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                  400T plus G2 Vision Card

                  Update your 400T or 400C to newest firmware and pop in your G2 Vision card, then you will be able to see fishing chart as well. Once you update to newest firmware you will have new sub menu under Setup Marine (option for fishing or navigation). If you select fishing under Marine menu, you will get fishing chart that shows detail bottom contours. You can also copy your G2 Vision card to main memory on the 400T with out installing micro SD card from your original G2 Vision card.


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