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  • easter present for family

    Well that easter bunny delivered a boat to fozz's family. Its a 20' lund with a 50 hp yamy four stroke. Since this is the first power boat we've owened I am biting at the bit to go and try it out. I'm hoping the pictures turn out so here we go.http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s...II/boat005.jpg

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    moratorium on rabbits

    I hope, after getting a boat that sweet from the big bunny, that you take a hiatus from rabbit hunting for a while. Very nice looking ride. I'd think that 50 should perform very well for you in a lot of ways.
    That rabbit must have blown his wad on you cause I did not get anything more than a boiled egg. Congrats and have lots of fun.


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      Nice looking boat and trailer. From the pictures it looks as if she has a nice V-bow for the deeper stuff. Sweet setup.

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        Nice Boat. I was eyballing it on craigslist thinking that I wouldnt mind having a setup like that! Price seemed great too!


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          The guy I bought it from was real nice said he was getting to old to deal with boating with his own boat anymore. He also told me if anything is wrong with it after I run it on the water to give him a call and he would make it right. You can't beat a deal like that, and after looking over the boat I don't anticipate any problems. I can't wait till the ice is gone.


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            Sweet rig!

            Congrats and enjoy.....
            Proud to be an American!


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