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Electradyne Pot Puller Installation

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  • Electradyne Pot Puller Installation

    I purchased a new pot puller from Steve at the sportsman show last weekend and wanted a few thought on the installation. I have a storage locker on my 22 Hewes OP and thought that I could remove the door and cover the opening with a sheet of aluminum. It would require cutting out the shelves in the storage area but the bulk of the puller would be out of the way.

    There was similar installation discussed on the forum but the puller was installed through the bulkhead. I will post a picture of the other install plus a picture of where I am proposing to install mine.

    Also, my door swings to the starboard side so I might have to install on the port side. Any thoughts obstacles you may think of or suggestions are welcome.
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    e-dyne install

    I can't see enough of your boat side to offer much of an opinion, however I'd say as long as you can bring the line to the puller in a reasonably straight manner (using fair leads) it will be just fine. Your gonna love that thing!
    Oh, yea, that's mine in your one picture.


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