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Need marine plywood in Anchorage

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  • Need marine plywood in Anchorage

    Are there any recommendations/suggestions regarding suppliers of marine plywood in anchorage. I am also interested in suppliers of HDPE sheets.

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    Spenard Builders can get marine ply. They normally stock it at thier Homer store. Not sure about stock in Anchorage, but I know they can get it. It's not cheap, though.
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      I think you will find it right on the shelf at Home Depot in various thicknesses. I have bought it there before many times.


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        Know the difference, AAA marine ply is not the same as ACX. and even worse, BC, which is most likely found at lumber stores. Yes, they all use the same (mostly) glue. But AAA is multiple perfect sides, and no knots or voids.

        ACX is 2 perfect sides with a core of 2 sides that may contain knots, and one with voids. BC is two outer with tight knots and then the 2 sides that contain knots and then the center with voids.

        Oh, and AAA is usually made usually of more, thinner, lams. And they are easily impregnated with the glue, since they are thinner. Makes for a longer lasting boat.

        AAA may contain 8 thin layers, and stronger because of this.
        ACX is usually 5 layers, each thicker and weaker for a given thickness.
        BC is the worst of the bunch. Same glue as all 3 but again only 5 layers, and then the worst of the bunch regarding wood grade.

        Is there a good "happy medium"? Yes, ask for AB marine grade. This is perfect outers with tight knots/small knots in the inside. And still 8 ply for strength, if it's true AB marine. Do not be afraid to build a boat. I've done several. Nothing more satisfying than having a group of duck hunters hanging, literally hanging over your boat at a fast food restaurant. While you try to balance eating along with answering their questions. And knowing that you own a smoking duck boat that others would kill for.

        Makes it all worthwhile. And it's not that hard. If you can + and - you can loft from prints. But read as much as your local library allows. I'm spoiled living in the Chesapeake region. Where wood boat building has gone on for several centuries. My local library has many books available to learn from. If you live near the water, you likely do also.

        Look up "Harold Dynamite Payson" for small boat plans. Or lessons on lofting.

        Good luck, Bob


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          Another great on wooden boats. Phil Bolger. I'd be remiss not to mention him.


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            You really know your wood- never thought I'd say BIGBOB and wood in the same sentence........But seriously, you put out same great info. Thanks....


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              Please give us a run down on Baltic Birch.




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                SBS Anchorage

                I got marine plywood - don't know which grade - at SBS in Anchorage a couple years ago.



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                  I bought...

                  I got some "marine grade" ply at sbs in homer. It is'nt what I remember as a kid when dad would buy it. This stuff was acx as far as I could tell. The old stuff I remember was super hard, straight and you could put it in the drink and pull it out in a week or two and still be straight an not delaminating.


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                    Consider contacting Neil Schlee

                    He's cut kits for the Tolman Skiffs at his shop, Lasertech. Another option.


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                      I'm seeking 4x10 and 4x12 sheets of ACX or CDX. Does anyone know of a source in either the Anchorage or Fairbanks areas? (Or, for that matter, in the Kenai area?)


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                        I don't think you're going to find any yard that carries ply in lengths other than 8'. You're going to have to scarf together the plywood, which isn't too hard.

                        To the op, the SBS by the airport carries spruce marine ply in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". If you're ordering a large amount of ply, you might want to consider Edensaw in Washington, but I know shipping has doubled since I ordered marine ply from them.

                        As far as HDPE, image plastics in Anchorage has it by the sheet, or will cut off strips.
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                          Paul H is probably correct in that you'll have a very slim chance of finding "marine" plywood on the shelf longer than 8'. West Marine sells a scarfing attachment that attaches to a skill saw to join lumber together. it's about a $100 bucks (plus a saw) but it makes very good joints.
                          I bought a new saw for mine and it has never been removed since new.


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                            I'm seeking 4x10 and 4x12 sheets of ACX or CDX. Does anyone know of a source in either the Anchorage or Fairbanks areas? (Or, for that matter, in the Kenai area?)
                            Standard ACX or CDX... or marine grade plywood. The X in ACX or CDX denotes exterior glue and not necessarily "marine" ply. Regardless, there are no yards in AK that stock 4x10 or 4x12 plywood on a regular basis, including mine.

                            If it's marine plywood you should be able to order 4x10 sheets pretty easily, but I have not seen 4x12. I have seen 4x16 available, but it's scarf jointed by the seller.

                            For weird plywoods and sheat goods I often give Hardware Specialties in Anchorage a call.
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                              I've been giving this some thought myself. The material on the deck of my Searunner is ripped and the plywood under it is getting beat up. The HDPE option sounds interesting. That should last forever and take whatever beating my shrimp pots give it. Does it come textured?


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