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  • 2-Stroke gas mixture? Help

    I have a 1959 Evinrude 18HP Fastwin, Can anyone help I need to know the proper oil/gas mixture? Thanks

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    According to the FAQ on the iboats.com forums, all pre-65 Evinrude outboards are 24:1 mix.
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      18 evinrude

      I've had several in that vintage. They are workhorses and will rarely let you down, albeit a little noisy.
      Run 50:1 in that motor. 24:1 is way too rich.
      I'm currently running a '66 18hp Evinrude on my little 13ft lake boat at the cabin. Great little motors!


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        I had one of those too.....

        and checked with a dealer. Earlier model oil ratios were based on the oils, new 2-stroke oils are so much better, so the 50-1 will be OK. Just use the ratio on the oil you buy. It won't hurt to run some more, will smoke some more, but I was told you didn't need it, so use the new ratio.

        Thanks for the memories, got some real nostalgia going for my old Evenrude! Keep the water pump in good shape and it'll go forever!


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          yep and yep

          new oil means you can use less. JOAT is right about the old mix ratios, but the other guys are right too. I don't have any motor quite that old, but on everything I pre-mix fuel for, I use a 60:1 or 70:1 ratio.
          I won't suggest you use a 100:1 on your motors, but if I had to, I would not hesitate. Part of the problem with running that lean on the oil is storage. There may not be enough oil left to lubricate the parts over any length of time. That is per some guys that rebuild motors for a living.
          That scares me a bit, so I mix as noted and save money to boot over the 50:1 ratio. I mix for motors from 8hp up to 90hp, and after years of doing so, have had no issues.


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            old motor oil mixing

            I used to borrow the old man's 1958 johnson seahorse, I think it was 5 hp. It was a riot turning it backwards to reverse the boat. Anyway, the old mix ratio directions on the motor said 24:1, of 40 wt motor oil.It always had run a bit rich with regular modern two stroke oil at 50:1 so I switched to motor oil at 24:1 and it really worked well. No more plug fouling and started the first or second pull every time, even in the spring. I loved that motor.


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