North River $$$$ problems



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  • North River $$$$ problems

    I guess this explains the closing of the factory stores.

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    thats too bad, they make/made one heck of a boat.


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      Signs of the times. I wasn't that long ago, that if you wanted a boat, you built it. Maybe it won't be long until we can get back to that. I personally feel that it made better boatsmen of the owners.
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        North River Boats

        North River Boats (NRB) is undoubtedly in financial trouble. However, the word on docks is they have brought in a controller. Soon after this rumor surfaced, the company filed for protection from it's creditors, which with excess inventory, a slow economy and an legal scrutiny against its owner seem like a logical move. It is very possible that this new controller is making the best of a bad situation. One thing is for sure, if NRB can lose the captain who steered her into stormy seas then hopefully this new controller can keep her from going down to Davey Jones locker. Gotta go must swab the deck.


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          Good Crew

          The crew that builds these boats obviously takes pride of craftsmanship to heart. I sure love my Seahawk.

          The Captain that has grounded them seems to be the problem. I hope they can refloat with the new tide.

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