Is it safe to park in circle



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  • Is it safe to park in circle

    I will be upstream for ten days Will my truck be ok there.

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    I have parked there without any issues. It is a pretty busy launch. Good luck and enjoy the trip.


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      No Problem most of the time - Had my truck broke into one year and some items from behind the seat stolen but that was a long time ago.


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        Probably not now that you let everyone know on the world wide web that it will be left for ten days. This forum group is a safe bunch, but I would rethink that one now and maybe park it somewhere else.


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          But no one knows when he'll be parking there or which truck is his. I wouldn't assume that everyone in this forum is ok without actually knowing everyone.


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            Lots of trucks parked up there during hunting season. Should be fine.


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              Appearance of Evil!

              Yea but, when you tell the locals that you don't trust them, look out. I'll bet every parking spot clear to Whitehorse is in jeopardy.
              And for sure don't display any prejudice toward what ever ethnic majority happens to live there, why I'd imagine breakins from now till h3ll freezes over will be the norm just so they be sure and get you!:rolleyes:

              Ive found that putting a stack of 20's under the windshield works wonders. Be sure to also include a note that says, don't be greedy, only take one and leave some for the next guy.
              That a way if there's more than one dirt bag in the neighborhood, you get to pay them all off. If there's any left when you return, reduce the amount left next time!


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                Save the cost of broken glass

                Leave the doors unlocked!
                We never really grow up, we only learn
                how to act in public


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                  Broken glass...

                  Guess if your gonna leave the doors unlocked you should not leave anything of great value in it. Leave some fried chicken a grill and two of your favorite cigars. That way when you get back they will be waiting for desert.


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