$200 Garmin Rebate W/ GPS + g2 Vision Card!!!



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  • $200 Garmin Rebate W/ GPS + g2 Vision Card!!!

    Garmin is giving a $200 rebate if you purchase g2 vision card and new GPSMAP 420 to 545 series chart plotter. I'm thinking of purchasing the 540s anyone else have one? How do you like it? How well is the sonar holdong bottom?

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    I like my 498

    It is a good GPS/plotter. But I would never buy a garmin sonar again. I dont think they know how to make one.Constantly have to stop and sometimes even restart it to find bottom.


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      I have problems with my Garmin sonar finding and holding bottom too. I have been considering adding in a separate sonar unit. What is a good make and model for a sonar unit w/o GPS? Any ideas?



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        Can't complain about my Garmin 498

        Mine has lost bottom but so has other units I have owned. One thing I learned from a commercial fisherman and did was to take the standard transducer that was to be mounted on the transom and using there special epoxy stuck it to the inside bottom on my boat. The prep has to be flawless, good clean area and no bubbles in the epoxy.

        In doing this the whole outer shell of the boat becomes a part of the signal receiver.

        I would tend to think the where and how mounted has a big effect on the units keeping or loosing a signal.


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