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    As I mentioned in other threads, I bought a new to me Sea Sport Pilothouse this winter. This boat is a 2004 and has never been named. I decided to name it after my 10 year old daughter. I find it hard to believe, but I think she loves fishing and PWS as much as i do. I would like to make the 1st day out as special for her as it will be for me. Although I have been ocean boating for over 20 years, I have never "christened" my boats before. Does anybody have any suggestions of things they have done, or heard of that may make this day just a little more special for her. By the way, it will be named "Tori Marie"

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    Here's a link to a description of a boat christening ceremony. You might want to look it over and modify it to suit your particular circumstances. One obvious idea would be to let your daughter play a signifcant role in the ceremony--for example, pouring the champagne (or whatever beverage you deem suitable) over the bow, or unveiling the boat's name at the end of the ceremony.


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