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  • Deepcreek Boat launch

    Does anyone know if there is a boat launch at deepcreek? I dont want to use the tractors for my little boat. AND when is the best time to fish deepcreek for halibut in say ohhh 1/2 to a mile or so from shore. Thanks Chris

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    There is a launch but you really have to be aware of tides and use them to launch and come back. If the weather kicks up while you are out it can be a problem getting back earlier then you had expected if it's not with the higher tides.


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      I understand about the weather thats why i asked when the best time to go would be? What about homer? Do they have halibut within a mile from shore? Might be safer there. Id love to catch a halibut in my boat. Or maybe seward. yes as you can tell cabin fever is puttin a toll on me. Can't wait. Chris


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        How "little" is your boat?
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          best time to go?

          After you check the forecast for seas. When the weather is nice and you have an update for predicting wheather is usually a good time to go. I am not sure how small your boat is or type but it sounds like you are not trying to get far out. Keep in mind the tides at all times because you may find yourself a bit further out than expected. Good luck on your trip.


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            My boat is a 17' flat bottom with a 60/40 jet. I've been out when it was rough in seward and valdez and can handle some rough water upto 2-4' depending on waves. Thats why I keep asking for some place close to shore. Im just asking for advice and where to go. I do keep my eye on weather at all times whereever I go. I do play it safe, very safe.


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              any time

              Your 17' boat will be just fine, obviously you are smart enough to know when or when not to go out. June and July are great times to go out and most of the time the weather is fantastic. maybe try the ANchor point area, can fish within a couple of miles from shore 3-4 will get you better fish than 1 mile, with your boat you could launch in the river if you wanted to and still be able to get back into the river thru most of the tide. if the tide is out beach the boat and wait for the tide to go out from under it. If it worries you spend the $50 and go out and enjoy the whole danged day and dont worry about anything.


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                You can launch near the mouth 2 hours before high tide. Problem is you will have to stay out until the next high tide. If weather comes up, and you have to uses the tractors, they really screw you......
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                  I;ve been launching and retreaving my 17 foot Boston whaler off the beach at both Anchor Point and Deep Creek since 1976. I have done so 100's of times and it's not a problem however there are alot of things to carefully consider. I have made many mistakes and fortunatley some how I've been able to resolve the issue by my self without watching the tide cover my truck or boat. The beach can be tricky, soft in places one time and just fine the next. Obviously the wave action is always a consideration and one must be carefull not to swamp your boat. Incoming tide swamping is a very bad deal. I have beached in some interesting waves and this is always done on an out going tide. That way if you do get in trouble it's not long and your sitting high and dry. I generally launch before high tide and retreive one to two hours after high. If you wait to long the beach slope starts to flatten and the sand and gravel in these low slope areas is unpredictable. It takes perfect conditions to try and retreive on an incoming tide and I always try to avoid this.

                  My boat and trailer were set up to pick the boat off the sand. Rarely is the wave and tides appropriate to wet load your boat.

                  This is the bottom line. I learned to do this long before the tractors came, I have experienced alot during the last 33 years and I still launch myself. However considering the cost of a new pickup truck and the potential loss if you get stuck or swamp your boat etc. I frankly think the tractors are a bargin. Launching and retreaving from the beach can be done safely and with manageable risk. Just keep in mind what it would be like to see the tide cover your pickup or boat. I have seen it happen many times and it was a very unpleasant experience for the folks it happened to. Many of my friends over the years have launched and retreived their selves, most of them now use the tractors, they have done the math and decided the exposure was not worth the cost of a tractor launch.

                  Don't think I like the tractor launch or have any thing to do with their success of failure. Personnally I believe the tractors have brought unbeliveable pressure on the resources. It used to be just a small boat fishery now its 28 footers with 6 paying clients hammering the fishery every day, they can launch in weather that would have been impossible without the tractors. I have participated and watched this process for over 30 years and I can certainly assure you the tractor launch has been tough on the fishery. I feel very fortunate to have experienced the fishery before the tractors came, however it seems they are here to stay and for those that have little or no experience in beach lauching and retreiving the tractors are probably money well spent.

                  I believe the ramp at Deep Creek is gone and I don't think Anchor Point ever had one. Years ago the ramp was an option at Deep Creek, however I personally liked beach launching alot better. Trying to manage the tides at the mouth was unacceptable and a good SW wind at the mouth was always alot of fun.


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