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  • Chevy diesel

    Has anyone here run the 6.2 or 6.5 chevy diesel in there boat.
    If so what were the pros and cons.

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    STAR Power

    I believe there was a company called STAR Power that marinized the 6.2 and 6.5 back in the 90's. That engine doesn't hold up well to the constant duty cycle required of a marine propulsion engine. I ran across a few boats down in SE back when I was doing lots of marine repair and they were not very reliable and worn out fast. Some guys hate the 6.2 and 6.5, but for the original purpose they were designed for, I think they were an economical diesel for a light pickup.


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      I believe two different companies where doing the chevy diesel thing.
      marinediesel usa and peninsular diesel. I think star power was the 7.3 ford diesel.


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        Thanks that is what I was looking for. How many hours is the 350's usually good for under normal conditions in a 25 foot boat range.


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          they weren't good engines even in trucks, our company had them. Completely gutless and crappy mpg, would've been better to have gas motors for the application (1 ton delivery trucks).
          PS----they just sounded like a diesel
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            starmac you need to go to boat and search their web site. The weight of the boat and the rpm's your running would give the hours that it may last.


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