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31' Uniflite need to repack shafts

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  • 31' Uniflite need to repack shafts

    I boat this boat last year and the guy told me I should repack the shafts this year... Never have done this before but have seen the material at the shop. Anyone want to share there knowledge on how is the right way to do this? Or point me to a reference book that would? I have twin TAMD 31's with 1 1/4" shafts. They drip slightly but was told this is normal. Thanks.

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    I'd go with one of the new type packing materials or maybe even upgrade to the dripless type of packing /stuffing box, they are a lot slicker and don't cut the shaft as the old flax type packing does. Cut the ends on a angle so the butting ends meet nice and smooth & yes its normal for a packing nut to just weep a bit.
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      Want a diagram?

      I have a repair manual on the 27" Uniflite. If it is the same you are welcome to come and look at it. I am in Palmer.


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        That is a heck of an offer, thanks... I plan on keeping the boat for some time so I would wonder, were did you get it? I would like to purchase one if possible...

        Thanks again.


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          I have a 27 ft uniflite and it came with it. You can purchase the manual for 10000 bucks and it comes with a boat!


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            Shaft Packing

            I've done this a couple of times and it's not too hard. Make sure you measure the gap between shaft and log to get the right packing material. Steve's suggestion for one of the new packings with teflon or so is a good bet. Usually there are three rings of packing. You'll need one of those narrow corksrew tools you'll see near the packing material for removing the old packing. Place the cuts at 120 degrees to each other so they don't overlap. The packing gland should be tightened until you only get 7-8 drops/minute while under way and no drips when stopped. You need some water dripping to cool the packing and keep from scoring the shaft. The packless option requires you to remove the shaft flange so unless you have a scored shaft, I'd suggest you go the standard route - much cheaper and easier to install.

            Good luck!


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              Sounds like a plan

              I'll be heading to Seward I hope next weekend to do this. Should be okay it seems. Thanks for the replies.

              Hey dirtface, you the guy selling the 27' Uniflite on CL? If so, I wish I did have an extra 10k, these are great boats.

              Thanks again for the replies.


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