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  • What kind of boat to get?

    I will be looking for a boat soon and really have no idea what to even look for. I do know I will be using it for an all around river, lake boat for hunting and fishing and also camping. Would really like a jet as I will use it on the Matanuska alot and other shallow streams. Nothing too big, around 16-20 ft. Not even sure what size motor would be a good one. I am living on the Kenai River now and am aware of all the new regs but if I can find a good used boat I will snatch it up even if it does not meet the regs for here.I will be moving back to Palmer soon. Really don't want to spend over $5000.00 if possible for a used one. I see lots on Craigs list but not sure of the pros and cons of a v bottom of flat john boat.I do own a 10 ft Zodiac with a 5 hp 2 stroke that I like but something a little bigger would be nice. Not really at all experienced with power boating and need advice. What would you look for, what are good and what are ones to shy away from? I know jets are alot more money and are they worth it or can I get by with a reg one? Thanks for any input!

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    if you plan on running the matanuska alot you might consider a jon with a mud buddy motor. the river is deep for a mile or so but starts to branch off pretty quickly and gets shallow. lots of sand and rocks.


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