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V-boat and a jet unit, do they work together????

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  • V-boat and a jet unit, do they work together????

    Hi Guys
    Looking for a little help I have a 40 hp jet and was looking at buying a friends 16 v bottom welded boat, not a flat bottom, was wondering if that was doable, or if I need to get a flat bottom for it. I know need it for rivers, as well as lakes, would it work in 6-8 inches of water on plane?
    Let me know if you have tried this or if it won't work.
    Thanks for the help

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    An outboard jet can work on a V hull boat up to about 10 degrees, although they tend to spray more and more as you get closer to 10 degrees. A boat with a slight V to the bottom and a Jet unit can work fine in 6-8 inches of water. If it is a sandy bottom river you will get the "ground effect" and be able to run fairly shallow, gravel and pebbles won't give you this so leave some more water under the boat in areas with that type of river bottom. I run a 21' Willie Sled with a 10 degree hull, it also has a tunnel, so it is designed for the jet unit, you can get just about as shallow as the flatter bottoms, but not quite. Makes a good all around boat because a little more V helps with a little chop.
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