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Charley river good hunting by powerboat?

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  • Charley river good hunting by powerboat?

    is this a good spot for moose and how far can you go with a prop or a jet

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    I hunted for spring bear on the Charley, but walked it from the mouth of the Yukon.....and that was back in 94. So, I've been there once.
    No-go on a prop. I don't know what kind of jet boat...but if it doesn't run in 3" to 6" never mind that too.
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      The Charley

      Check out the link, it does get a bit dry in the fall, depending on the year. Always fun to run a jet up the creeks in September, especially when the water gets a bit of ice on top. Just remember not to load up too many pounds when you're up the creek or you won't get back down.


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        Another 1 timer

        My brother-in-law and I went up back in the early 90's in an 18' jet for moose. There was 1 other camp up there and they had a 50" down. We saw 1 cow in 2 days down low. I think we made it up about 10 miles or so and it becomes a boulder field. Take a good co-pilot. The Yukon from Circle is a bit tricky too.
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