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  • Knight Island Rescure

    Anyone see this in the ADN this morning? At least they had food and water and some form of communication. Can’t imagine being out there in a 20ft boat this time of year even though I’m salivating to get back on the water; glad they made it home safely.

    Two fishermen are safe and sound after being rescued by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard says Luke Erwinski and Brandon Phillips were fishing Saturday when winter weather forced them to beach their 20-foot boat on Knight Island.
    Their employer reported them overdue late Saturday.
    A Coast Guard helicopter was dispatched from Kodiak, and located the men on the island, about 60 miles south of Anchorage, early Sunday morning.
    There were no injuries, and the Coast Guard says the two built a fire while waiting rescue. They also had food and water with them.
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    I read it also. 20ft boat in the ocean, in Alaska, in March that far out. How smart is that?


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      I read it and I was also thinking it was a little strange to be fishing that far out in a 20' boat. Good news though that they are OK.
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        ive been out in my 21 footer in march before, not quite that far out and i didnt get caught in a storm either. things happen and it looks as though they were sensible enough to have extra food and water. on the news though they lows been hitting prince william sound pretty hard ove the weekend.


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          I really don't have a problem with the size of the boat as much as I could with the design. A well designed 20 foot boat is very seaworthy with the right captain. But even then, no matter the title of the month and no matter the boat size, one could be in for trouble if things go awry. It sounds as if it did. I am quite surprised they didn't just anchor up in one of the many little nooks and cranies out that way. But, I wasn't there so I can't judge as to why they did what they did. Either way, it is good that the most harm done was just being cold and wet as things could have been much worse.


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            Heck, I can imagine being out there right now...but:

            Having to WORK on a SATURDAY NIGHT? That is simply ABSURD!!! Those guys really ARE reckless...

            I can see going out there and heading to any darn place you'd want to go. The only rub is with getting back on time and having a bail-out plan if you cannot return. I think that helico-peter would have found me snoozing like a baby in my sleeping bag and enjoying another day in PWS without the cares of working and earning a living. Ahhhhh. I can't WAIT for April and good weather! Both are coming soon...:cool: Glad to hear they were safe and I wonder most: What did they catch? I know that my wife would have been doubly pissed if I came home empty-handed!!!!


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              Just the other day I was thinking about shoveling off my 17-footer and dunking her in the salt. The last time I was out was deer hunting in December and I've been getting the itch again. I've got no problem with people being out there this time of year. I think the judgement of the captain is much more important than the size of the hull. You just have to know your capabilities and limitations, and be prepared to hole up for a while if necessary - now, or the 4th of July. The date doesn't matter. And, would it have been better somehow to need to beach it in Blackstone rather than on Knight? Beached is beached. And if you aren't within walking distance of the car it doesn't really matter how far away you are, does it? At least it appears that they didn't just keep pushing on in order to get to work the next day.

              Now... Where'd I put that boat key?
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                could it be that they were working at one of the nearby hatcheries??
                i was on motoring in Montague strait beachcombing for little brown swamp donkeys mid December a few years back, calm flat day. look out to see a lone guy screaming around the edge of the island at about 60 mph. watch him pull up to the cove we were a puttin' thru on his wave runner. hits the beach and starts strippin out of his dry suit, to expose his full cammo, grabs a rifle from under the seat, throws out an anchor, grabs a running line and heads towards the woods. stopped only long enough to tell us he was from one of the hatcheries (cant remember which one) and that he had the day off and was going to kill something.
                it certainly takes all kinds, glad i made it thru them younger years!


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                  From hatcheries

                  Pole Bender,
                  You're probably on to something. I saw two guys in a jon boat on the North entrance to Culross one day, they hadn't traveled far that's for sure!


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                    So I NEVER do anything crazy....

                    But just in case I did.....will these guys have to pay the Coast Guard or ???for the rescue, and I am wondering what happened to the boat they left on the beach?:rolleyes:


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                      Coast Guard doesn't charge for rescues. It's been talked about, but the CG has always resisted the idea out of concern that if folks have to pay to be rescued, they might not call, or would hold off calling until it's too late.


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                        I take my 20ft wooly out to Naked Island/main Bay all the time. Need to watch the weather.
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