Yamaha 40 and 60 hp tiller jet electric?



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  • Yamaha 40 and 60 hp tiller jet electric?

    Which G3 boat for the 40hp and which for the 60 hp?Two guys and two jugs of gas,cooler and beer and fishing tackle for short run day trips? And for the 60 hp add one person.Please give me your thoughts. All from Deweys

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    Not that I would ever advise exceeding CG ratings....

    ......But I think a 1648LW [the riveted one] would be real nice with a 40 Yamaha Jet. A riveted boat is not going to take as much abuse as a welded one, but they are lighter, which translates into a faster boat that doesn't need as much water. Keep in mind that Yamaha rates their motors at the equivalent propshaft so this motor is only 30 hp at the jet. IMHO tiller is the way to go. If you have a decent arm I would advise against electric start. It's more expense, more to break, and more weight. Have fun with whatever you get.


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