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  • Ocean Sport Roamer 34...charter

    So, I've been kicking the idea around of picking up a Roamer in the next couple years. But I really have a tough time justifying a $400-500K boat just for pleasure.

    I would probably only use it 15 times a summer or so realistically, and in addition, recouping some expenses the tax write offs would be advantageous as well.

    I have no desire to personally run a six pack charter though - but what do you think is the feasibility of finding a captain to lease your "personal" boat from to make a buck and offset the expense of your toys?

    The two biggest downsides I could see are scheduling - sometimes you just can't schedule good weather, but the charter would HAVE to be able to plan in advance for bookings. Then when a gorgeous weekend came along, you can't even use your own boat because some yuppies from Philly are trying to hook a 'but and knocking back some cold ones on YOUR deck.

    Second is just equipment wear and tear, however, if you captain is close to as anal as you are, I don't think this would be a huge issue.

    As to the Roamer, there's really no other Fiberglass boats out there as nice. With the twin D6 - 370's, empty I could hit 60mph. I'd also put a 1200lb davit on the stern for loading and unloading toys/building materials from the deck. And my wife would like the interior amenities - no other small boat is able to incorporate the quarter berth stateroom under the dinette.

    But I'm getting off track - any feedback would appreciated as to ways to earn some income from personal toys.

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    Finding a business partner (skipper) who will treat your boat exactly the way you treat it would be tough, I would think. I would be real hesitant turning over the keys to a $400k+ fiberlgass boat to anyone. Another thing to consider is the added liability exposure you have when customers get on your boat. I would really pencil out the potential income and benefits before taking on that much liability. As a side note, I would be shocked if that 34'er went 60 mph with twin 370 hp diesels, I believe the projected top speed on the 30' was 45 mph, which in my opinion is being very generous. That's a big boat that grabs a lot of air, I don't see that 34' doing more than 40-45 mph completely empty. Did a salesman tell you 60 mph?


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      Good points - and yes, I've spoke with both Jim and Brian down there, and completely empty with a higher pitch prop than practical in normal operating conditions, they've exceeded 60mph with the 34' with the twin D6s. Obviously all I can go off of is their word - I haven't actually experience that performance.

      Of course the more realistic figures are 45mph cruise and a 55mph top speed with a couple friends, fuel, and a practical prop pitch.

      I didn't get the actual pitches they tested. Regardless, they're solid performers.


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        No doubt they are the nicest fiberglass boat in their market, absolutely beautiful boats. IMC has an '08 34'er with about 550 hours for $269,000. If overall cost of the boat is a concern, then a slightly used one would be the way to save a lot of money. Over propping those Volvo engines to get an extra 3-5 mph is a good way to ruin a motor in a hurry and possibly void a warranty. 60 mph with 740 hp in a boat that large sounds real fishy to me, even if the boat were empty of fuel, water, gear, and you were traveling with the wind.


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          I've got a 30' SeaSport, and I've got to admit, the Ocean Roamer's got it beat. Very nice boat.

          FWIW there's a 2005 Ocean Roamer for sale in Juneau:


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            45-60MPH ??? yeah get them to put it on paper(in the contract) and watch them backpeddle out of it.
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              Interesting Ad On The 30 foot

              Just a little history and background data.

              How stupid is it to be wasting tons of salmon and halibut as bycatch in the Bering Sea and then have the coastal villages hollaring they have no food? It's got to stop!


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                I agree with powerpro about considering a used one. It is not just the skipper you have to worry about, but the clients that will not treat the boat with the same respect that you would. I would think after a year the new one would not look any different than if you bought a used one. As for the D6's, I think that boat is plenty fast with D4's, and 45 plus miles per hour. I don't know why you would want to spend the extra dollars to have this extra speed that could rarely be used.

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                  On their web site they say:

                  APPROX. TOP SPEED W/ TWIN VOLVO D4S: 45 KNOTS

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