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  • Chicago Electric Winches

    Any body had any experience with Chicago Electric Winches? I want to carry a winch in my boat for those stuck times, But do not want to rely on a piece of garbage.

    Thanks for any imput.

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    Bought three of them on three projects going at the same time, everyone failed I then I had the extra expense of buying Warns and the labor to replace:confused:. Six Robblees carries a line called Milemarker that are cheaper than than Warn and are being used by the military, I've only used 2 and both have had no problems
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      I just picked up an Echo chainsaw winch from AIH. I had been debating for awhile about a hardmount winch or a portable one. Ultimately the portable winch won because of how versitial it can be. It will be with me in the boat, strapped to the back of the quad and used to hang my moose. If you have been looking at cheap electric winches then you maybe be in for a little bit of sticker shock but you are getting so much more.
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