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    I need to buy one for a new boat. I'll be using it in the kenai and off the beaches in the lower kenai and in Valdez. It will be mounted on an open console. Recomendations please.

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    nobody? help


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      I just purchased a couple of the new Lowrance HDS units. It seems they have the latest and greatest sonar capability. I was torn between Furuno and Raymarine, but in the end it seemed their technology on the fishfinder is the one to beat.

      Should be getting the units next week. I'd be happy to ping you when I get them on board.


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        I needed a new depth-finder for my boat last year and ended up with a Raymarine DS500X. I was looking at Raymarine, Furuno, and Lowrance and wanted a dual-frequency model. Raymarine and Furuno both had digital units which had been out for a couple of years. I fish exclusively on salt-water with my boat, so was looking for a sounder with good deep water performance.

        I am very happy with the performance of my Raymarine unit, but will tell you right now that the view of the screen on a sunny day is not even close to as good as my Lowrance GPS. The screen on my Lowrance is clear as a bell, even in sunlight, while the Raymarine is definitely not as easy to see clearly unless the screen is shaded. I have it mounted on an open console.

        I doubt you can go wrong with either Furuno, Raymarine, or Lowrance. If I had it to do over, I'd probably get the Furuno FCV-620 or the FCV-585.

        Good luck,



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          I have the Lowrance525, it is GPS, sonar combo. I also have my fuel flow connected to it and I could add a radar to the network if I wanted. As far as just the sonar part of it, I think it is pretty good.
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