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  • Safety and modifications

    Food for thought;
    There are many topics on the forum about weight, hull modifications, adding this or that, improving, removing, etc, etc. A story of a little ferry (20-30 person, can't remember exact) hit the press a few seasons back about how it capsized instantly from the combination of passengers sliding to one side and a small wave from another vessel hitting it at the same time. It was a very small old boat and was in, I believe relatively calm lake water. Can't remember the details except for the reason it rolled, it had a topper put on and modified to be a little ferry boat. Point is; Many died and the cause was the boat was modified, became top heavy, never re-inspected or re-evaluated to take the modification, thus it was very unstable for its new use.
    I remember this story whenever I add stuff to my boat, I have kayaks and a dinghy on the roof, radar, and a big cover on the back. If you remember this story you know what I mean about changing things and what can happen. -Just something to think about as we start another season.

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    Makes you wonder about these go fast boats with fly bridges, too and the guys with all the fuel strapped to the cabin roof. Let's say you have a stellar 80 degree, blue bird PWS day and you have five 200+ pound friends with you. Where is everyone going to be when you are cruising back into Whittier? This seems like an accident waiting to happen. I actually talked with GC about a fly bridge for "Patience" before the build started and he really did not want to do it due to this possibility of being a bit too tipsy. It probably would be alright if all three of my fuel tanks were full, but not worth the risks on a planing hull.
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      Weight displacement

      If a boat is designed and built the center of gravity is as intended. You add a lot of weight above that CG, to the right or left, or bow to stern you change the design CG.
      A friend said his boat acted strange when he sat up top. Well we went for a ride his other buddy came along, total weight added to the bridge was 650# between the 3 of us. Boy she rolled hard off center and was very slow to recover to center. Bingo everybody down stairs and in the center of the boat and the whole thing changed.
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