Trailer brake repair, disc brakes?



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  • Trailer brake repair, disc brakes?

    i have a king trailer with surge drum brakes. this spring i need to replace all of the shoes and hardware for wear and rust and was thinking about switching over to the stainless disc brake set up. does anybody have this style or better yet switched over from drums and have an opinion on disc over drums? the drum washout doesn't do a whole lot of good and i would think that spraying off the calipers would be a snap. i know i would have to install a backup cut out valve also and do a little wiring, but it might be worth it. i was also thinking about using the oil bath bearing setup, seems like a lot less maintanance. any input would be great!

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    Forum Search Under "Brake"

    There are several good threads on the subject if you search the system.

    Below is one of over 30
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      Do the disc setup you will not be sorry.

      As far as the oil bath, I have seen good and bad. Some seem to have real good luck and others just seem top not have any luck at all with them.

      Also consider removing your surge system and going to an electric over hydralic system. You will like your disc brakes even more and elminate backup issues. Also helps with braking power when backing down the ramp.


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        thanks for the input. i am looking at the price difference and hassle between reusing my surge setup and installing the discs with the cut out solenoid and switching over to the electric pump and replacing my coupler. it looks like the electric pump would be the best other than cost and i tow with more than one vehicle and i would need multiple brake controllers. it would be sweet if the controller was built into the electric pump unit. the controller is just an electronic surge meter. you just wouldn't be able to adjust the gain while you are driving!


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          Brake controler

          There is a brake controller that mounts on the tounge and you hace a remote in the cab to adjust or manually operate the brakes, I believe it can operate electric or electric over hydraulic. Call Ron at Sixrobblees and he can give you more info, 344-7497
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            First off I hate surge brakes because I drive a manual transmission truck. Some states in the lower 48 are outlawing surge brakes systems(not sure why, but would bet it's safety related).

            Disc brakes tend to have more braking power so you may experience a little back and forth surge when descending long grades using a surge brake system is common. If you have to replace your coupler/surge setup the cost increase is less then $150(???? it's been awhile since I did my last setup) to go to the electric over hydraulic setup.

            Much smoother stopping. Far better braking control then surge. Have the ability to use the trailer brakes for sway control when needed. Can dial in more trailer brake for backing down steep, slippery ramps. I tend to dial in a lot more brake when driving across Anchorage for that just in case pulls out in front of me so as not to ruin my weekend. You know that deal where everyone absolutely needs to be ahead of you (even the People Mover has done it to me) because you are towing a trailer.

            The bad thing on your part is the multiple vehicles so you will be in need of the extra in cab controls. If you have a newer Ford (2000 +) they already have a place under the dash for controller hookup prewired. Multi Fords and you would only need one controller just unplug and change vehicles.

            As stated previously Six Roblees has a good setup. See Ben on Commerical and tell him that John sent you. If you need help, I am more then willing and able.


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