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  • old merc controls?

    going way back here - anyone have experience with old merc controls? (motor is a 68!)

    I have access to a set of controls that the throttle side is messed up on and I'd like to fix it. I suspect that it's missing a cam and maybe I need another unit to scavenge parts from.

    Thanks for the help

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    Is that a sterndrive or an outboard?

    I just sold a '78 Mercruiser I/O (sterndrive) and I'm quite familiar with it, but it sounds like maybe you have an outboard?


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      sorry, it's an old outboard (I didn't even think of a stern drive!)


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        Contact docpartner.com

        Ask for Al.....they are in Michigan and are a long-time Mercury dealer, Al helped me a lot with my '78 Mercruiser. They even had some old parts no longer made in stock, used but excellent condition. Hope that helps.



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          thanks ron, I'll look them up

          I did find a company back east (not the one you mentioned) that had a set, but it was out of my price range and shipping made it worse.

          been watching ebay, but they aren't that common there from what I've found.

          Trying to do this on a tight budget - I have a guy that is removing controls from his old merc and making it a tiller and he is going to give me his box for postage costs...but he says it's missing something in the throttle side.


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            scout the net for info

            I remember looking for older merc parts and came across a few guys that that was all they did was old/vintage 70 and older o/bs. I think i used google, but if you look long enough you may find em. Mark at the "outboard shop' in juneau may have something like that hangin around. good luck


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              I did find a set of controls, but they are out of my price range. Still looking for something mabey broken or partial that I can fix up with my other controls


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                old merc parts

                I don't know if this is the east coast company you're thinking of, but I have a '62 merc I've been getting parts for through www.eastcoastmarineservice.com. "Old Mercs". All these parts seem expensive. but I haven't found anything cheaper so far, especially when you add shipping into the mix. Sorry if this doesn't help.
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                  that sounds like the place - it's been a couple months. I'll probably end up buying from them as I'm not having any luck finding one collecting dust somehwere!

                  My merc is a tiller but I want to convert if to remote - main reason is it has no steering friction adjustment so it just flops...would be much safer with a helm attached.


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