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    Some questions for you inboard V-8 type jet boat owners.
    I keep thinking about a smaller, V-8 powered JB, like a 19' Trapper or something like that. There seems to be lots of bragains out there on the V-8 boats. Just how atrocious is the mileage on them anyway, and is there any good reason to stay away from them, and get into a Sport Jet or J-Max IB set up? Mileage wise, my 115 OBJ on the Alaskan really drops once i get loaded, like 13 GPH real world, so is it much worse off going to a 350 or similar set up?
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    my 21 foot northriver commander gets about 3 mpg with a 350 and hamilton 212. it takes quite a bit of weight to make a difference but ive had loads that do put a damper on the milage. with a jon boat you will be able to haul a pretty big load with a v8/ 212 setup. as far as the sportjet being much more economical i have to say that it isnt that far off after you fill up your 3 gall 2 cycle resivor. 2 cycle is not cheap :eek:. my boat burns anywhere from 8 to 12 gallons an hour depending on load where the sportjet will burn 6 to 10 but its also burning 2 cycle. plus they are alot noiser and the exhaust is alot more stinky. the v8s also have a better heater system . just my 2 cents.


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      My jet boat would be at the upper end, I would think. It is a 24' with a 460 cu in motor. It burns about 14-15 gph and can haul a ton of stuff. I think the tradeoff is that although you can take a lot of people and gear, the downside come in if/when you get it stuck. It is a lot of boat to move back into the deep water. The inboard has a nice heater and lots of room though. Everything is a tradeoff.

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        you got that right . id much rather push a 21 foot sportjon off the bar than my tub . i got my bow line wrapped up in the jet once in my old sportjon and three guys leaned the boat up on its side and got the line out. wont do that with the bigger v8 boats.

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        the downside come in if/when you get it stuck. It is a lot of boat to move back into the deep water.


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