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Floatrail emergency boat flotation

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  • Floatrail emergency boat flotation

    Came across this:

    Its an inflatable emergency flotation for the boat itself, the idea is that an automatic or manual valve inflates buoyancy bags along the waterline thus keeping the boat from sinking.

    It looks like it'd be great idea, especially for up here when we usually go pretty far out where people and fellow boats are kind of scarce. Goes along with the "stay with your boat in an emergency" and "use your boat as the lifeboat" ideas.

    Might get it for my new boat

    What do you think?
    2696 Sea Raider Pilothouse

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    That's a neat concept. I emailed them for more info and pricing just to see what it's all about. Their website is really limited. Thanks for the post Maast!


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      Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, my only concern is that if they would rub against the dock.

      I've even thought about duplicating it using something like a weather balloon encased in a mesh bag and a CO2 or nitrogen cannister, it'd have to be a manual release (dont trust anything automatic I could build) but that'd be okay.

      So I've been thinking of two balloons alongside of the pilothouse to right it and 4 more; two at the transom corners and two up front.

      Looking through the coast guard statistics, most boat sinkings happen because the boat capsizes. Most fatalities happen because they fall overboard and drown (usually involving booze)

      I'm also going to get 4 survival suits they run about 300 bucks each and it'd be good insurance, that and a GPIRB (GPS rescue beacon) and a Portland Pudgy dinghy/liferaft (neat idea)

      The thought of being out in the middle of PWS without any other boats within 30 miles of me has made me re-examine my boating safety equipment, with the new boat I'll have the range to get out there, can't wait until its delivered!
      2696 Sea Raider Pilothouse


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        How bout Inside

        I'm wondering if you could have C02 activated bags under the gunnels, under transom, even under the cabinets down in the cabin. If everything was up under places that won't get damaged. If you had a hull breach the airbags could be deployed and act like lifting bags and/or a protected raft within your hull (hull would act as protection).
        When I was younger we used lifting bags filled with air to raise race boats (hydroplanes etc) that had dumped over and sank. Stuff a couple bags into the bow, hook up a tank and inflate the bag. Up the boat would come. With enough air bags placed here and there your boat might swamp with a hull breach but would not go down. Just an idea.:rolleyes:


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