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  • THUNDERJET Alexis Classic 21 ft

    I am going to buy this boat. It is equiped with a 5.7 liter Vortec 350 fuel injected (330HP) and Hamilton 212 pump. I plan on using it around the interior and in Valdez. Any thoughts on my selection?

    Thanks for any input!


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    I use mine primarily in the Big Su and Yentna rivers and it is a Cadillac. My wife and I both love this boat. However the few times we have been to Seward or Homer I have noticed it is not the best boat for ocean running. It will beat you up in the 3 to 4 foot chop if you try to get any speed. We got into some 6 to 8 foot stuff coming around the Homer Spit and took a lot of water over the bow, make sure the plug is out of the anchor locker or it will hold lots of water. Only thing I would have done different is to get the full hard top instead of the 1/2 top. Great boat. Have fun. CN


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      TJ Alexis not a good choice for rough water

      We had the exact same boat (including motor and pump) down in Washington, ran it in the Columbia River and out in the Pacific and were beat to hell. The boat is simple not designed for rough water it is made for shallow stuff.

      I would seriously consider something different for big water. If you want a boat for rivers this is a great choice.

      We are going with a 24' Boulton Sea Skiff should be delivered soon.


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        I have the 22' TJ with the 383 stroker and the Ham 212. I love the boat but it is not a boat for big water. (ocean) If you could be assured of flat water all day it would be great, but when you are being beat to death on ruff water it sure takes the fun out of the day. I have been on Tustumena Lake and had the wind come up and it is not fun getting back to the river. When I go to the big water (Cook Inlet) I use my big glass boat and at times it gets interesting. my2cents
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          Well its 6 years later and I have no regrets on buying the TJ Alexis. It could do better in high seas but when it gets bad I just stay put. I am planning on selling the boat in a few years, as I am now getting lower on the list for a slip in Valdez. We need a boat that we can really be comfortable on, IE that we can sleep on. TJ really builds a great boat. Glad I did not buy a North River.



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            Bigger Boat? I slept 7 people on my twin of yours two nights in PWS! Was very tight and snug to say the least. Exellent boat for the rivers and shallows. do able in the salt on fair weather days. It took 4 hours to go from Whittier to Valdez on decent water.
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              Ok, I gotta ask. You posted in March 2009 that you were going to buy this boat. Then you reopened the thread and said it is six years later and you still love the boat. BTY, I own a Thunderjet and think they are great boats as well.

              But how did we go from 2009 to 2012 and call that 6 years?


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                Dog years.


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