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  • New Boat for alaska

    I have been reading this forum for sometime and love the info and advice you guys give out. I am having Glen and Grant at wooldridge build me a 20 ft Alaskan XL with a tiller 150 E-tec. I will be using it mainly in SE for the Stikine river and doing some hunting and fishing in the Islands around there. Tell me what you think of boat for the purposes of running around in SE Alaska.

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    I think that XL will be an amazing river boat, but for the ocean, i would think it will beat you up something fierce in the chop, and big swells might scare the daylights out of ya.
    IMHO, i think that the Sport would be a better all around rig for your neck of the woods. It will still run shallow, haul the load, but will handle the ocean better than the Alaskan series.
    My $.02.
    Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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      Talking with Glen and Grant they agree it might be a little rough in the chop but that with most my time being spent on the river the Alaskan would be the boat of choice. We'll see here in about a month.


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        You will love it i know you will.


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