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  • Raymarine C80 vs. Garmin

    I recently purchased a SS Pilothouse from Washington that has a Raymarine C80 installed on it. Before I go and spend money for local map,(and not be happy) I was looking for some opinions on it. It has the radar and depth sounder with it also. Currently I have the Garmin 3210 on my Osprey. I have the digital sounder and the radar on it also. I am pleased with it. I considered just swapping them out, but maybe it wouldn't be worth the hassel. The screen on the raymarine is smaller. Any opinions?????

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    We have a E-80 and a E-120 ray marine system on our sea sport. I really like it, it's easy to use and performs really well. I'm not sure the difference between the two, but I know the E-series is the higher end of the two. good luck. if the c-series comes with the 3-d chip option get it.


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      I have the C80 with the radar and HD sounder it has functioned fine. The 3D chip "platinum" will not work in the C series. I have the navionics gold chip it seems fine. Depending on what type of engine you have you can get the engine instruments displayed on the C80 fuel flow,oil pressure,engine temp etc.

      If your bored and looking for something to do this may be a project you want to do, but I wouldn't bother.



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        I don't know much about them I have Garmin but I hear there is a big difference in the C and E series


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