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Synthetic two cycle--is it worth using??

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  • Synthetic two cycle--is it worth using??

    Yesterday I placed an order for a new Evinrude e-tec. I was unprepared for the question regarding using traditional 2-cycle or synthetic oil. Apparently the motor must be calibrated before delivery for the type of oil to be used. Also, the warranty is valid only with the use of evinrude synthetic oil. The salesperson seemed to know as much as I do about the advantages/disadvantages. I'm wondering if anyone has strong feelings and/or factual information on this topic. One of the cons is the price of Evinrude synthetic oil ($40.00 per gallon).

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    The same price

    If it is calibrated for the synthetic E-Tec oil it will burn at a 100-1 ratio. I dont remember what the mix is with the cheeper oil but it seemed a wash when I bought mine. I figured if the price is even close it is nice to haul less oil. I have a 2 gallon oil tank so I am good for 200 gallons of gas.
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      ETEC information

      here is a site for ETEC owners, I ordered a new ETEC a month ago, don't have it yet, but this site seems to have a wealth of information.


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        What kind of boat are they going on? And what did you get for hp? Any updates on performance, likes or dislikes would be great. Been thinking about one myself.


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          Your dealer can configure your motor for the XD-100 at any time - it doesn't have to be done prior to shipment from the factory. They hook a computer up to the motor and make the config change there. Your costs will be about the same when it's all said and done - more $/gal for oil, but much less consumption too. Note that with the E-tec break-in period the motor will automatically dump more oil in based on hours of run time, once you get out of the break in period it'll mellow out to the normal usage rate. BRP advertises "no break in period", which is true - you can run it however you like right out of the box; they accomplish this by having very tight tolerances in mfg, as well as having the motor regulate itself with heavier oiling as described above. I'd go with the XD-100 oil from the get go.


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            Originally posted by jtm9 View Post
            What kind of boat are they going on? And what did you get for hp?
            I ordered a 115 HP Etec with 25 inch shaft and it will go on a 17 foot Wooldridge Sport Offshore. They are building the boat now, talked to Wooldridge yesterday and they were through with the welding, so now need to do the interior, top, etc. to finish it. I did not ask about time frame because I will not be ready to use it until the end of April. I plan on using the Evinrude extreme 100 to one oil. The local dealer in Juneau recommeded this oil also.


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              refills are cheaper

              If you save your old Etec oil gallon jugs (I use the XD 100 also) you can get them refilled at AMDS cheaper than you can by new sealed containers. This is usually the case even if the gallon jugs are on sale. Cheap is a relative term with this oil, but you'll end up saving 5 or 6 dollars per gallon.


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