Need suggestions for good 14' - 16' open aluminum jon or skiff for outboard jet



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  • Need suggestions for good 14' - 16' open aluminum jon or skiff for outboard jet

    Hi all - I'm building a small jet river boat with an outboard tiller jet, 30 to 40hp. 2 guys and day gear.

    Need suggestions on a good jon boat or flatter bottomed skiff to match it to.

    So far I'm liking the G3 welded jon boats, but open to suggestions or guidelines.


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    Last year I ran some moderate flow rivers in a buddies 16' john w/35 jet and it was to say the least anemic...I`d shoot for more power, especially if you are doing any camp trips that require a bit more gear. My .02

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      When I considered doing the same thing I was leaning toward a lowe with a mud-buddy. Shallow runner with the bennefit of a prop not sucking your power like a jet, good fuel mileage and since it is a tiller you can react much faster to an impending prop strike.


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        Mud buddy is a good idea, the noise would drive me nuts though.


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          Wow, if a mudbuddy is louder than a jet? That IS loud LOL.

          Maybe it depends on the particular jet you are using.

          The mudbuddy idea is worth looking into, if I understand correctly, the longtail types take more room to maneuver. On a real twisty river you might not be able to steer quick enough. Maybe the surface drive "short tail" type mud motor would do better for you. Just an idea.


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            They are air cooled and very loud as I understand...


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              I run a 16' OMC Sea Nymph ( jon boat) I had a 55hp prop OB(2 stroke) that I mounted to it. That set up was crazy for speed and load capability. I wanted to go more places with it so I purchased a jet kit and installed it, that should put it at about 40 jet hp. It also has a stand up steering console.

              I take this boat moose hunting each season piled full of all the gear needed and 1 other person. It is all the horse power I need for that boat and all the hp that boat will take without improvements. The biggest limiting factor is the 2 stroke due to fuel requirements; I have to carry 40 gallons of fuel to get to where I hunt and back. That is nearly 300lbs. A 4 stroke or 2 stroke DI engine would cut that at least in half allowing for additional range.

              I estimate load capacity at about 900-1000lbs, myself included before I cannot get the boat on step. If the water is skinny it is a bit more forgiving and I can load it a bit heavier than in deep water.What this means is that if you intend on moose hunting during an extended period of time you will have to plan on hauling gear and partner in initially and then if successful, you will have to plan on hauling moose (1 trip) and then camp and partner (2nd trip ) out in the end.

              This set up allows me to run some really skinny water that keeps a majority of boats out due to their size and weight, and I really enjoy that. I would however prefer an 18' or better yet a 20' jon boat for a little more elbow room and I wouldn't have to upgrade in HP as either choice would plane more efficiently than a 16'.

              If you are committed to building a 14-16' boat I recommend your HP be on the 40 JET hp rating, not 40 prop hp rated, converted to jet.

              Have fun !


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                I have a 15' Crestliner riveted jon boat with a 40 hp (at the power head) two-stroke Tohatsu jet with a tiller. The boat has a semi-v shape with a very small amount of deadrise on the bottom (48" wide).

                The ~28 hp at the jet is plenty for this boat. I have had 3 people, 1 dog, camping gear for one night, and 12 gal. of gas and I was still able to run the creeks.

                If I was building a boat I would incorporate a 2-3 inch tunnel designed after the Alweld tunnels, since those work great with a jet.

                My 2 cents.


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                  16' boat

                  My best pick would be an Alweld 1652 Flat with a tunnel.
                  You need to check what options are with it. The ones in Fairbanks
                  have tunnels, heavy gunnels and twin knee braces.
                  The G3 1652 is a good second but I would have to add a tunnel.
                  The Honda 50/35 and Yamaha 40/30 are the best on fuel and the quietest.They run a 6 1/8" Impellor where a 60/40 Etec runs a 6 7/8
                  with a larger bowl. Burns a little more fuel but hauls more.
                  Smaller boats get you where the bigger boats won't, so once in a while you have to make a second run.


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