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Fairbanks welding shop?

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  • Fairbanks welding shop?

    Thought for sure I could find a recommendation or two using the search but I struck out - for fairbanks anyway, found several in anchorage and the valley.

    Anyone have any recommendations for a good welding shop in fairbanks that is experienced with aluminum boat repair ?

    Picked up a 16' lowe with a couple four inch long ripped welds where the transom meets the floor. It's not real heavy gauge aluminum and will probably be an easy fix for an experienced welder with the right equipment.

    I managed to get almost all of the old "field repair" attempts cleaned out since I know that is one of the biggest time consumers and headaches for a welder to have to deal with.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Fairbanks welding shop

    PM member "frozen" here; he'll put you on one.


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      PM sent, thanks for the tip!


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        Karold's the Man

        Karold's Welding, he's done a ton of work for us and have been extremely happy with every job.



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          Karolds Welding.
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            Vote 3 for Karold's

            And his wife is one heck of a welder too. Small shop, quality service, fair prices, and they do a ton of boats!
            I suggest getting it done now vs later. He does work, or at least used to, for at least one dealer.
            He is off of Dale Rd toward the Riverboat Discovery.
            Oh yeah, did I say nice people too?


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              yeah now that you mention I have seen karold's off dale, forgot about that one

              I sort of figured it would be smart to get it done sooner rather than later since it's probably a small job and I want to be in the water not the shop when things warm up!


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                One more for Karolds - he does great work.


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                  And another for Karold. He does outstanding work at a fair price. He's one of those people who just does it like it should be done.....once.


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                    Brett at Bulletproof has always done right by me. I bought a trailer from him several years ago and have used it pretty hard. I needed a couple small fixes on it and he did it for free. He's located beside Darby's off Van Horn.
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                      Karolds is going to be getting my business, based on his rates alone (much better than other places I went). I'm sure with all the recommendations the work will be great as well.

                      Thanks for the tip!


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                        I have a set of seat pedestal fuel tanks in my Sportjon that were made by Karolds. They are definitely well made.
                        " There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot" - Steven Wright


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                          great work at a great price - I was happy!


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