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  • Suzuki 4 Stroke Fuel Economy

    What HP? What boat? What Weight? Cruising Speed? Lets here it..... I'm running a 1993 Evinrude 2 Stroke 225hp, 24ft Olympic, 8500lbs, Cruising 28-30 mph, Economy 1.5-1.75 gallons a mile. 15 -17 gallons an hour. By the way this motor may be for sale sometime in May of this year if anyone is interested shoot me a PM....

    I'm seriously looking at upgrading to a new Suzuki Four Stroke and am trying to weight out the difference. Any stats would be great. Thanks

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    4 vs 2

    I had a 17' Harbercraft with a 40hp Johnson 2 stroke that would suck down 4.5 gal/hr at 28 mph flatwater. I now have a 20' sea runner (much heavier) with a 100 hp Yammy 4 stroke that uses 4 gal/hr at 28mph semi-flatwater. I know it's kind of an apples and oranges comparison, but it's easy to see the difference. I think the only 2 stroke that rivals a 4 stroke eficiency is the evinrude e-tec outboards.
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      Suzuki df-140, tolman widebody 23' pilothouse (basically a c-dory 22 w/ a semi v bottom) Weight is a good question, we seem to carry alot of crap so I'll say 3500-4000# gross. I generally cruise 22-24 knots 6-7 gph so that puts me at about 4 statute mpg, wide open is 31-33 knots 11-12 gph.

      While the 4 strokes are ~30% more efficient than the old tech two strokes, you have to burn ALOT of fuel to pay for the repower. I'm guessing you'll be out about $15k for the repower after selling the old engine, and say gas averages $2.50/gal, at 30% fuel savings you'll have to burn 20,000 gallons of gas before you've paid for the new engine.
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        PAUL's right; It will take a lot of motor hours to pay for a repower. The only advantage to a repower is the onboard fuel load can stay the same and range increase; all things being equal.


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          Hey thanks for the advice guys and I appreciate the stats listed!!.... I think I kinda worded my question wrong. I'm really only trying to find out how much fuel the Suzuki's burn. Not just Suzuki's but the Suzuki on your boat w/ weight and speed. I realize a four stroke is much more efficient. Before this boat I had a 19' Hewes Craft with a 50hp 4 stroke Yamaha (Penny's to go fishing compared to now!!!!!). The last two years I have been telling myself I can buy a lot of fuel for $18,000 (cost of new motor) but I think it's just time for an upgrade. Plus I figure it will help the resale value of my boat in a few years. With a large down payment I'm only hoping that the money I save in fuel cost per month will make the payment through the summer months. I'm not counting on it and don't need it to but it would be nice to think, especially when I try and win the wife over on this one!!!!


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            I have a friend that is running a 30ft Harbor Craft that weights about 11000 fully loaded. He claims to get 1.5 miles per gallon while cruising at 30 Knots.
            He has twin 225 Suzuki's


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              I Did It!!!

              Well I finally did it..... I just got back from breaking in my new Suzuki 225hp fourstroke and I couldn't be happier. Smooth and powerfull. I love it!!! Serious difference from the old Evinrude. I wasn't fully loaded but could run 4800rpm, 34mph and burn 12.75 gallons per hour (according to the digital gauges). Top speed was 41.3mph and I think I could beat that if I was just loaded for a days fishing.


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                Johnscd, did you buy from the boys on the Spur? Do you mind saying what you paid out the door?


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                  Yes, I purchased it from Peninsula Powersports. JT, I sent you a PM about the price.


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                    love my suzuki

                    John, I purchased a 250hp last year and really like it. Looking forward to putting some hours on it this year. PM me and we can compare notes.


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