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    new to the powerboat thing and I've been looking for a new boat. I've been looking for an outboard because I figured they were cheeper to maintain and purchase new. Then I started to think about car engines you can buy a creat engine for what 1500 or so isnt that what an inboard is? that price isnt so bad considering the price of a 90hp out board. So I guess my question is which should I be looking at 95% of the time I'll be running in Lake Louise. The boats that got me questioning myself is this its in my price range but an inboard thanks for any repies.

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    This was a recent topic of discussion and may offer some answers - here is the link -


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      All I'll say is that you can't just put in a car engine. It has to be marinized.


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        That's a jet boat...

        and designed for rivers. Sure, you can run it on a lake but lose about 40% horsepower and use way more fuel. They are great for rivers where they can run in shallow water without danger of props and lower units hitting rocks. Marine inboards do run and somewhat maintain like a car motor, but they are way more expensive than a car motor. Still less than outboards to replace, but they take up a lot of space in the boat, and can be noisy and also you have gas lines and a motor and electric connections etc in the boat with you! I had an inboard/outdrive before, glad I have outboards now. They are new, maintenance is easy on my Honda outboards. But, they are not cheap...


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          Inboard fan here

          I have a 1986 18' Almar Jetstream with a 351 and Hamilton 3 stage pump. I bought this boat new so we have gotten to know each other pretty well over the years. This is the only inboard I have ever owned and I love it. I especially like the fact that I have been able to do any repair or replacement parts it has needed for 23 years. The 351 is pretty simple to maintain and work on. Can't imagine how much labor costs this do it your- selfer has saved me.
          And yes there is the dog house in the rear of the boat to contend with, but it really comes in handy alot of the time for sitting on, rigging tackle on, filleting fish on, setting those shrimp pots on and not having to bend my back out of whack, etc.etc.
          Also in my opinion it is much more enjoyable to fish off of due to no outboard motor sticking up behind or down underneath. Can't remember ever having a fish tangle in the jet unit. Its so easy to avoid, and you can work that fish all the way around the stern when needed.
          Don't know if this helps you with your decision, hopefully something to think about.
          And speaking of Lk. Louise....this boat is just as comfortable up there as it is on most any river or creek around.


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