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  • Tohatsu 115 (Jet?)

    I have heard good things about the Tohatsu motors and they seem to come in at a better price than most of the competitors. I didn't even think about them for when I decide to repower my wooly but then after reading the other Tohatsu thread I got to thinking. They do make a 115 direct inject 2cycle but I have never heard of anyone slapping a jet on one. Just curiouse what the consensus is on them, would it make a good jet for a 17.5 wooly AK (skinny hull)? Do they make a jet kit for it? Any idea what one would cost with a jet?

    I will get another season or two out of my 90 but with the kiddos getting bigger an upgrade will be in my future!

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    Check out the Jetdoctor link.
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