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trim tabs on jon boat

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  • trim tabs on jon boat

    Is it possible to put trim tabs on a 17'jon boat? Ive been doing some thinking and was wondering about it. Im asking cause I want to get on plane alittle faster and keep the bow down when taking off. Any advice or other options would be helpful.

    thanks chris

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    Sounds like you are pretty underpowered, or hauling really big loads of you have a hard time getting a jon boat on plane. I have never heard or seen trim tabs on a jon boat, but I don't see why it would not work
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      Is there something amiss with your setup? Seems that jonboats get on plane faster than any other design. Our boat came with sponsons welded on the back of the boat; it may help with flotation and/or kinda act like tabs not sure. As a bonus, I covered the tops/decks of the sponsons with 3M non-skid tape and that's where I clean our fish; no skidding off into the river, plus it's super easy to wash off scales, blood, etc.
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        I have them on my 18' jon. I want flotation pods instead though. Mine is not an issue of under power.


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          I think pods would be better and cheaper for a john boat. Ive seen then on duck hunting boats and they work great
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            No im not underpowered. Its usually just me fishing and thats when i notice it. could be set-up as well. I have a stand-up steering console in the back. hmm ok I'll look into pods. thx guys


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              Greatland Welding 907-745-2383

              If you are in the valley, or willing to take the drive, talk to Gary at Greatland Welding.

              Gary did a similar thing to my 18' G3 2 years ago by installing what are essentially fixed trim tabs. Think of a sponson without the top and foam. Really helped to get the boat out of the hole shot and on step.

              Gary is great to deal with, fair, on time and does quality work.



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                Thanks happy, I'll give him a call. I also have a 17' G3. I love the boat. very versatile. used everywhere from valdez to seward and in between. most time on the Little Sue.


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                  Originally posted by bruinman View Post
                  No im not underpowered. Its usually just me fishing and thats when i notice it. could be set-up as well. I have a stand-up steering console in the back. hmm ok I'll look into pods. thx guys
                  Pods will help negate the load on the rear of the boat by dissapating the load over a larger area; As the boat now extends backwards past where the motor/load hangs; This load includes the driver in tiller driven boats.
                  The additional surface area and floatation also give a higher load capacity for the boat (usually around 250 #), as well as forceing the nose down and planeing faster due to the boat drawing less water.
                  The effective pod use is for boats up to around 18 feet or so after that most boats are big and wide and the rearward load is not on the same proportions and steering consols come into play on larger boats as well.


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                    Beavertail makes Well Designed Pods

                    There have been past posts on pods.

                    Check out Beavertail via internet for pods. Most pods are rough cut junk and don't perform as well as they could and should.

                    I bought mine for my old Crestliner skiff from Beavertail and then had Silverstreak here in Anchorage weld them on.


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                      I talked to beavertail and they did not a have pod that would fit the G3. G3 does make a pod for at least one model, but not for mine. Woe is me.


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                        If you don't want to go to pods/sponsons, what about a Dolphin type stabilizer on the lower unit? I had one on a previous center console glass boat and it did wonders; I also had one on a 17' Almar lite and it sucked. The Almar was underpowered with an old 35 2-stroke (for Kenai) and it produced too much drag. However, in a boat adequately powered, I think it'd work great.
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                          Had a dolphin type stabilizer years ago on a ski boat with a prop and it worked great. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that with a jet unit and tunnel, the motor isn't down in the water for the dolphin to be very effective. I am running an inboard but just ask the question out of curiosity.
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                            i talked to beavertail and they told me the pods would fit an 18' g3 which is what i have. i just picked up the pods while i was in minnesota last week. a friend of mine has a portable welder and we are going out to the lake before break up to weld them on. i'll post here if they dont fit. heck if they dont fit there will be a pair for sale


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                              Whale tail

                              Trout and Sons make a trim tab for jet units, I have spoken to them about it, and apprently it would not be effective with a tunnel.
                              Looks interesting though.
                              Looks ez enough to duplicate also.

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